James Alvis Harris 1890-1969

James Alvis Harris (06 Jul 1890 – 07 Jan 1969) was married to Eva Arbel Smith, he was my GGrandfather.   I have him listed on a 1900, 1910, 1930 census form, also Iowa State census collection 1836-1925, his father was Nathan Harris, Mother  Mary Ellen Coop.

James has the following kids:

Riley Edward 1913-1955

Dessie 1912-?

Della 1927-1987

Cleo A. 1923-1987

Robert Samuel 1921-1993

Mary Ruby 1925-1988

William Howard 1918-1994

The 1900 Census:

Nathan Harris
Mary E Harris
James A Harris
Pearl E Harris
Melbourn Harris
Benjamin Harris

The 1910 Census:

Nathan Harris 42
Mary E Harris 42
Alvis Harris 18
Pearlie Harris 16
Milburn Harris 14
Benjamin Harris 12
Cinda Harris 10
Waggoner Harris 8
Sam Harris 6
Thomas Harris 3


The 1920 Census

Alvis Harris
Arbell Harris
Dessie Harris
Riley Harris
Ethel Harris
Howard Harris
Robert Harris
Cleo Harris
Ruby Harris
Dellar Harris

Iowa Census

Ethel F Harris 9
Wm H Harris 5
Robert S Harris 3
Annie C Harris 2
Tessie Harris 13
Edw R Harris 12
James A Harris 33
Eary A Harris 32


Next in line is Nathan Harris

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